North Park Community Garden and Covid-19

Updated: May 25, 2020

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the decision was taken in March 20 to modify part of North Park Community Garden to be an allotment, giving our regular community gardeners their own plot. We have also been asked by Sefton Council to close the garden to the general public. To maintain the safety of our team we will be going to the garden on a rota basis until safe to return to our usual activities. Ensuring that people could still access the garden in pairs should they wish to was important to everyone as gardening and getting out can really help in maintaining positive mental health. We had a few teething problems but this system is now working well. Jan is self isolating due to having an underlying health concern, but she has been busy at home growing lots of different things from seed to be transferred to the garden when big enough. Jan and Peter have also been creating the 'growing with gateway' videos to help people who want to use the time at home to grow in their own space. We are determined to grow as much food as we can as it's important that people have access to fresh food that is locally grown to help healthy eating to build immunity. It's been tough not meeting together and having to talk through the fence. A few of us have struggled without our usual Wednesday meet-ups but we are supporting each other as best we can and the plan is to crack out the pizza oven and to have a big pizza party when this is all over!

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